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I thought maybe I'd deleted some code when I was trying to make the cart a page, rather than a drawer, however I've reset the theme and this still happens.

I know Brooklyn theme comes set up to have the Ajax drawer cart which doesn't refresh the page. I don't like the drawer however, and just want my cart to open to a new page (but ONLY when the customer has clicked on it- meaning I want them to stay on the same page without reloading until they're ready to checkout). I know that in customize them I can easily set the cart style to Page, however it still opens the cart page once an item is added, which is obviously really annoying for consumers.

I also want the cart bubble to show number of items in the cart - found some code but have no idea where it goes.

Can someone please help!?


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hey Lana do you still need help with this?

Chris Weachock