Sticky Header Fade Effect Does Not Come. Please help

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Dear Experts. 

For website Password DT786 .... Header when scrolled down makes Sticky Header appear. Apparently the transition effect is very bad.

Need fade transition effect like other websites seem to run with. Please can you help. 

Need header effect to be like when mouse is scrolled down. 


Shall really appreciate help 

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Do you find that your customers generally purchase multiple items? If they don't the sticky menu is something you might just want to turn off (if you have that option). It takes up valuable screen space and wouldn't be used once the customer has navigated to the section they are looking for. I realise this isn't a solve but would have to see you spend a lot of time adding a feature that won't be heavily used by your customer base.

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Yeah I'd be less worried about the effect and more worried about the fact that your dropdowns are completely off-screen to the left when you hover. It's being set with JS, but it's minified so I can't really tell what's going on. 

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