Sticky fixed navigation on Narrative theme

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Hey, thanks for this help. Really appreciate it. 

I am using an iPhone XS on Safari. It shows the red icon but it disappears moments later.


Thanks for these. Ah that makes more sense now on the yank. Will fix it!

Thank you!

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Hmm, sorry, don't have a real iPhone and Safari's responsive mode on OS X might not be the real deal because it still displays correctly so I can't reproduce the error and tell you what's going on.


Maybe someone else here on the forums can have a look?

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Oh I understand. I hope someone can help ha. Thanks a lot for the help so far!

I dont suppose you have seen anything that could solve:


Hate to ask ha :) 

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Hy Mydogme, 


I checked your site and really like your product pages. How did you manage to add the images (thumbnail) below the main photo?

Thanks in advance

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Hey Karl, how's it going?


I appreciate the posts you make in this forum, and I've seen you post quite a bit, so cheers!


However, I just tried to implement this JS on my version of Narrative, and it hasn't worked. I think this may have something to do with the fact that I have already gone into the Header.liquid, and done some inline CSS in the HTML of div class="section-header"... and <div class="section-header__wrapper"...


On the section=header, I've set the position as fixed, and I've put a box shadow, and changed the z-index on the wrapper.

My site is and as you can see, the header is fixed... but it flashes and trys to reset or toggle, like it I am trying to avoid. It's like it can't make it's mind up. I think the issue might be to do with the double check function in the JS? It seems that it's trying to override the inline CSS of 'position: fixed'..... 


Any help would be really appreciated dude!! :) 


Have a cool day <3