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Hi! I am having an issue with my store speed. I had the boundless theme but changed to the debut theme and it still says my score is 32/100. I did not mess with the coding.


Thank you in advance!


I checked your website speed and Google report 70 for mobile.

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Hi @jennarose 

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Several factors impact your online store speed, some of which you can control. So here is how to address factors you can control to improve the speed of your online store.

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Hi @jennarose 

You're actually scoring pretty well in comparison to other Shopify sites. We work on a ton and I typically see speed scores range between 10-30. Your mobile Page Speed Insights score of 72 is particularly high. I rarely see mobile scores that high with a Shopify site.

Switching themes likely won't do much for your speed score since your site is already pretty simple and lightweight. I did run it through the Shopify Analyzer (free tool our team built) just to see if any optimization opportunities were present. You're scoring pretty well on that tool as well (87/100), however, it looks like you have an oversized image that could be reduced. Here's a link to your full report:

It looks like one of your product images is being displayed around 1200px on mobile. We recommend keeping mobile image sizes at 960px or less. I'd also recommend converting the file type of your banner images from PNG to JPG, as long as they aren't images with transparent backgrounds. This will help reduce their file size and potentially increase the speed they're loaded up at.

Beyond some image optimizations, I'd just make sure to keep app use to a minimum. Apps tend to have a large impact on your speed scores and are also the reason why most Shopify stores score poorly on various analysis tools.

I hope this info was helpful! If you need any further assistance, feel free to reach out to our optimization team at

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