- deleted my site instead of fix it, then try to cover it up!! Anyone else?

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This is not normally what I like to do, but these guys need to be outed,

Their actions that were intentional, The tasker deleted my the website that I had paid someone else to build and was getting them to fix up, he didn't know it and started to back away from the job on the very first day, 3 weeks later when nothing had been done, and the tasker would vanish when I came online,

Still to this day 4 Months later they have not given me a list of what things he did and didn't do! and they say they can't force him to do anything, but he still works with them... the first time I ask if what he was doing was ok and meant to be an urgent job, he cracks it and says he won't return any money and blocks me, That was on the first complaint! professional. from their they did a kangaroo court and decided to give him half!!! for deleting my site and running away!

They offered another tasker to rebuild the site and at full rates too!!! how crazy is this!...

these guys are dodgy and you will never get a phone number to call them and Jonathon Kennedy does drink his own cool aid, and doesn't care one bit! Be warned, his facebook group is screened so no one can complain and the masses can't hear you, nor does here make himself or his company available...

They say they are a canadian Company yet registered in Estonia? canadian tax dodging maybe from making the money overseas and not declaring it in his country? 

4 Months, now without a site and the storetaskers say 'Satisfaction Guarantee'

Anyone else had a negative experience with please let me know and what happened and did they fix it and how hard did you have to fight to get it fixed? storetasker address 01.jpgstoretasker address 02.jpgJonathan Kennedy BS 02.jpgStoreTaskercom info.jpgOh and here is the address of where they are meant to be in canada? I think someone is not to honest!!!




Jonathan Kennedy BS.jpgstoretasker address 03.jpg

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Hi there @Smarty!


Don here from Shopify. :)


Sorry to hear about your difficulties in this regard.


This is not the sort of outcome anyone would want to see when paying for a professional service, to say the least.


We can look into filing a complaint about this situation with you internally as appropriate.


In order to do so, we will just need to have you send an email into us via our support site for which you will be given a support ticket number.


You can quote this ticket number as a reply in this thread and we can use that to go to work on this for you.


Be sure to include as much info about this issue in your email as possible, with specifics on the business name and contact email you had been using for this service.


I look forward to hearing from you and working on this case with you.


All the best!





Don | Social Care @ Shopify
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Dang that really sucks. Always, ALWAYS, download your current theme before allowing ANY developer to access it. It gets sent to your email address associated with your account in a zip file and recovering it is as easy as uploading the zip file. As you have experienced, all they have to do is press a button to delete your theme. You would still be out the money you paid these people, but at least you would have your theme before any changes they made (which from the sound of it, they didn't really make any). Hope you get some kind of justice in this situation.

If you'd like to make any edits to your store, please send me a personal message and we can discuss what you'd like to accomplish :D
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these are fake shopify expert, we must all report theme to Shopify to remove theme from Shopify partner program, i read lot of complaints about theme, moreover, they are using fake reviews on their website, ... everybody must report those fake gurus to shopify.

I saw on facebook, the guy who create this website, doesn't know almost anything about ecommerce or Shopify, it is a shame ! The Freelance Marketplace For You
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Sucks you've had a bad experience with storetasker. But as mentioned above you should always take the necessary precautions when giving anyone access to your site.


I've only had great experiences with storetasker, have built a nice relationship with one of the devs on there. Currently finishing up a custom job for us now and moving on to another straight after.



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This is Jonathan. I own Storetasker. It’s a platform where Shopify merchants can find vetted Shopify experts.

I’m sorry to read this. I believe I know who you are and am aware of the issues you had with the freelancer, but since you use an alias here and not your real name, I can’t tell.

First, I’d like to say that we never aim for such experiences or outcome on our platform. Quite the opposite- we’ve helped thousands of merchants find help in a secure environment with some of the world’s best experts. This doesn’t mean there won’t be challenges with some projects. Our internal team works diligently to help solve each case.

Storetasker never deletes websites, or executes work for merchants, we facilitate the connections made with freelancers.

My name is Jonathan Kennedy. The Storetasker business is not a Shopify partner or expert team, it’s a stand alone services marketplace. We are 100% based in Ottawa Canada. The address is as posted above except your location image is outdated, there is a building there now. Our address is not in Estonia. When we first started out we attempted to register a company there, because of the remote nature of the business and Estonia’s digital residency program. Operating out of Estonia would have provided advantages, tax avoidance is not one. It didn’t work out and never proceeded. The business operates out of Canada.

I also manage a large Facebook group and many people know me and our brands from this group. We screen for spam and contrary to what was written, we fully accept posts that bring constructive feedback to our services. Any search in the group about our brands will show this. We do however promptly remove members who do not follow the guidelines in general.

Again, I’m sorry for the experience you had. We mediate all complaints and situations with everyone’s best interest and have always gone above and beyond for users. We also expect users to treat eachother with respect, both ways.

Making false assumptions about my personal honesty and integrity behind an alias is not the best approach and not ok. Our services and our community have helped 100k+ Shopify merchants over many years. I am proud of the positive impact we and I have had, and will keep trying to have, in this community. I will obviously have to report this but if a Shopify admin see this please consider removing it or asking the poster to edit false claims about my integrity and reputation.

Thanks to the people who mentioned their positive experience as users of Storetasker.
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Sound advice. Thank you for supporting our platform.
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Love and courage.