Streamline - Issue with collection & product pages

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Hi guys!

I switched to Streamline and put my website online.

What I figured is that whenever I select a product, the page that opens a collection detail page which follows the structure "website/collection/product name", and includes only product description, photos, price, atc, but no other info or CTA; instead, the proper product page (following the path "website/products/productname") includes all the above plus some extra infos about the product, other product suggestions, newsletter signup, etc...

It just looks bad to me that a product page seems limited to basic infos, and not scrolling at all.

Is there any way I can change the template of the collection detail page to look like the proper product page (which it does, it is just limited in the contents), or to amend the URL from collection/product name to products/product name?

Thanks in advance