Style dropdown filter in Debut

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Hi Shopify Guru

We are using Debut team and for the Collection page we need to allow filtering by certain attributes. We used tags for it.
We need to create some dropdown menus to allow the filter. We followed the following:

Seems there are no instructions to style the dropdown menu scss, only for a particular theme..

Are we able to style the dropdown in the debut theme? If so, could you give us some guidance on which file we need to modify? We need to change the background color and the font mainly.




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it would be best if you can share the (preview) link to your store. This way people may b able to suggest the necessary CSS selectors/rules.

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Hi Tim, thanks for the reply, 
What we need is to give a style display on the dropdown filter, to aligne with the design the customer provided..
Currently it looks like this, when i click for dropdown as i show in the attached file. It is the default display. 
What i would need is guidance on which css we should modify to provide the style, as i found in the shopify help that we cannot style this in debut (or at least that was my interpretation) 


Very appreciated!