Styling of Liquid Objects : what gives?

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Hello all, I'm trying to decrease the size of a logo included in the nav bar. I have virtually no experience with liquid so please correct my logic.


I wrapped the logo object in a div and named it class="logo-in-nav". Then, below the closing header tag I wrote some css to style, so we have: (360px width is the size at which the logo is squished up, increasing the height of nav bar)

<div class="logo-in-nav">{%include 'logo' %}</div>


@media all and (min-width: 0px) and (max-width: 360px;) {
      .logo-in-nav {
        height: .5em;
        width: .5em;

Edit: Shopify didn't like the original message and adjusted accordingly. If there are any syntax issues i apologize

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Hi, @haughtyhay ,

This is Evita from On The Map.


Right now you are editing just the div container of the images, but you have to edit image directly, so for that you need to edit img tag:


@media screen and (max-width: 360px) {
    .logo-in-nav img {
        height: .5em;
        width: .5em;

Oh, I removed min-width: 0px for media query, it's not necessary.




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