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Hi, i followed all steps of "Feature a subset of collections on a page" here:

However the code posted there displays a vertical list of my sub-collections. I am wondering how to show it in a 3-product grid (3 products in a row) view?

I researched all posts on internet but no luck :( Any help would be appreciated.



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Hope you don’t mind me adding that I’m experiencing the same problem — and also that this has been posted by others before and seems to remain unanswered.

In my case, I’m using the Minimal theme. I’ve created a list-collection page as described in the article cited above.

It works just as I wanted, except that in desktop iexplorer, Safari and Chrome browsers, the page displays each of the listed collection images one across - forming what looks like a vertical lineup of images.

On my iphone’s Safari and Firefox browsers, the page displays as I want. Images are two-across when the phone is held vertically, three-across when held horizontally.

Any suggestions would be appreciated and, if accessing my site would help, I’d be happy to share the url and password privately, if possible.

Again, hoping I’m assisting the original post and not hijacking the thread.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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I have 3 tutorials for creating custom collection pages for the Brooklyn, Minimal and the Debut theme. This youtube has links to all 3 in the description or you can find the step by step on my blog. I am working on 1 for the Supply theme and will post on Youtube and my website when complete. The principle is the same on any theme. create a new page template including a section for a collection-list: ie {% section 'list-collections-template-1' %} but rename the list for your custom page. Then add a new section and copy the code from the list-collections section, make sure to use a new name in the schema. Create a page using the new template, then customize the page with the desired collections.

Hope this helps,


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 I have another issue concerning  this thred .

I have created "Feature  a subset of collections on a page " acording to :

It works fine .

in some pages  I needed  to feature In a  subset of collections page, another subset of collections page

So i have tried to link to a page of collections  and it works fine  aswell .But it doesn't show an image as it does with the collections .see the attached screenshot .

Any ideas to solve it and add an image ? { it is great way to have another level in the menu }collection page in collection page.jpg