Suggestion - demo site - with filenames

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Suggestion: please create something like this

demo site - with filenames


First time developer experiance was painfull - was impossible to understand what filename mapped to where on the site. So I created the above.

Would love you to create something like this.

Put the link at the top of the list of filenames. In the online code editor. 



This blog helps - but is not as handy as the above.


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Was there a hurdle stopping you from doing this on your end? This seems like something you could quickly do with any theme so interested in knowing.

If you really wanted something like that you'd also add a theme setting to toggle it on and off. Interesting idea nevertheless.

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It has saved me a lot of pain. I just feel the current documentation on mapping filenames is painful. 

It was easy to setup, and I now use it all the time. I did add a toggle option. i.e. it only shows up in the development version.

{% if != "development" %} <!-- {% endif %} templates/product.liquid {% if != "development" %} --> {% endif %}

I have a partner account that I use for development. 


Hope it helps someone.