Super Quick question about resize-cropping for images (just doesnt work) :(

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Hi dear Shopify community!

I am currently designing a inspiration page, which is full-width and rich of images.
I use the DEBUT Theme, which includes several slideshows.

If you have a look on the page: ...and then try to resize the browser window, you see that the full-width slideshow images crop in a cool, floating manner, while the half-width static images just resize/scale up. But the behaviour for the static images should be the same as for the full-width slideshow images.

Slideshow has

  1. background-repeat: no-repeat;
  2. background-size: cover;

But I cannot get the normal images to work with that, since I use the DEBUT Themes Customizer in order to bring in new images. And I dont know how to teach it to the customizer to these pics like this.

Thank you!