Swatch issues on campee theme. Two issues

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Hi guys, hopefully I can get some help as I’m about ready to open up my store but I’m having two major issues which is slowing it down. 

im using the campee theme and I set it up perfect but here’s my two major issues.

when I chose the prebuilt swatches (comes with 5) the first swatch is for colors so I have a few products that don’t come by colors but by names rather and instead of showing a name it shows two blank bubbles. It would great if I was able to go into the theme and make it where if I use those words it would appear as text rather than a bubble. Hopefully that makes sense. Unfortunately I’m not great with coding just yet as I’m teaching myself and I just can’t seem to fix that.


so I decided I would just use swatch two which isn’t as nice unfortunately but it gets the job done. Instead of colors it turns everything into text box’s which is fine. The issue I have with this is on mobile and desktop you can’t tell what is being clicked on as the outline of the swatches doesn’t change when you click on something so no one can tell what they have selected. I tried changing the text for header different than for subheadings and didn’t do anything for the swatches. 
If anyone has any ideas on ways I can fix this that would be great. If you need more info or have any questions feel free to ask 

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Please share your website URL and password if any. I will check and provide a solution here.