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New to Shopify and I purchased Showtime by Mile High Designs.

I run an irrigation field service company and am trying Shopify as an alternative to "same-old, same-old" sites out there.

The issue I'm running into is this:

On 2 products (services, really) I offer, I need to be able to have a TBD price option instead of the $0.00 price listed.  Essentially, I would like for my potential customers to be able to add a service to their cart so I can capture their info and reach out to meet with them and provide an estimate.

Looked into the form option via Powr, but would rather maintain consistency throughout my site.  Would also be open to be able to add a form via Product page that pops up as well, but still need price to say TBD.

Thank you

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I'll move this thread to Shopify Design, I think you'll get more help there

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Hi Rob,

Chris from Shopify here. I have two apps in mind that perform exactly the way you're describing, but I'm not sure that you can modify the labels to say TBD, although it is possible and worth investigating during the trial period of these apps. However, these apps will allow customers to add to cart, and request a quote from you, which is basically what you're looking for I believe! Take a look at the apps here:



Hope that helps!


Chris D
Shopify Guru