Tag URL Pages Have Duplicate Meta Descriptions

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Hi all,

are any of you aware that the Tag URL and the parent collection that lists the tag have duplicate page descriptions? I find this strange that it hasn't come up as a topic before. There is no way in Shopify to edit the meta page description for the Tag URL. Here is an example colelction "examplecollection" located at /collections/examplecollection has a Tag "exampletag". When you visit the examplecollection page and click to filter the results by the tag exampletag, the URL changes from /collections/examplecollection to /collections/examplecollection/exampletag

Both of these pages has it's own meta description for each URL but they are the same because the tag URL link pulls the same meta description from the collection. Shopify doesn't have any capabilities to edit the page description for a tag, only the collection.

As a work around I simply want to change the code on my theme.liquid for the meta description.

Currently it shows as:

{% if page_description %}
  <meta name="description" content="{{ page_description | escape }}">
  {% endif %}

I just want to add some code around this to say, if page is a tag, don't show meta description at all.

Google prefers no meta description tag over duplicated meta descriptions.



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I have this same issue, did you ever find a resolution? Thanks!