Tag filter dropbox with different title

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Sorry subject is wrong . i need different content in the dropbox

I would like to use the standard tag filter dropdown box of the debut them to show the titles of the related blog articles


Here is the code of the tagfilter dropdown box

<div class="blog-filter">
        <label class="blog-filter__label select-label" for="BlogTagFilter">{{ 'collections.filters.title_tags' | t }}</label>
        <div class="select-group">
          <select id="BlogTagFilter" aria-describedby="a11y-refresh-page-message a11y-selection-message">
            <option value="{{ blog.url }}">{{ 'blogs.article.all_topics' | t }}</option>
            {% for tag in blog.all_tags %}
              <option value="{{ blog.url }}/tagged/{{ tag | handleize }}" {% if current_tags contains tag %}selected{% endif %}>{{ tag }}</option>
            {% endfor %}
          {% include 'icon-chevron-down' %}

I need that there show up all the Title of  the articles of the related blog.


Somebody can give me a hint.

Thanks in advance