Taking section code from one theme and successfully applying it to another

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Hello! So I'm at a toss up between the POP and MINIMALIST themes. I like Minimalist overall however I love the way the collection is displayed in POP. I thought, since they are both Shopify made themes that follow the same exact framework, I would be able to simple copy and paste the Collections.liquid code from POP to MINIMALIST but that did not work. 


Any insight on how I can get this to work or if its just not possible to mix elements from different Shopify made themes?

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That's not as simple as it may seem. It's much like taking a door from one car, and trying to fit it in another. The underlying framework and styles differ between each so work would be needed to make it fit.


This is the same here. The underlying HTML, CSS and JavaScript that the theme has will be different between the two themes. Dropping in the HMTL alone will very likely result in a broken looking section. You'd also need to include the relevant CSS (and perhaps JavaScript) as well. Mixing two frameworks together also tends to add a little bit of code bloat so you'd want to be very selective about what you copy over.

So it's certainly possible, and not without effort. 

When you tried, what did you copy over?

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