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I'm new to Shopify and am trying to figure out the best way to put text below the products on my collection pages...I have a lot of additional info about each collection that needs to go there and if I put it all on top people will have to scroll down too far to see the products. I read one post which recommended editing the collection.liquid page so that it would put text from a page that I created with a matching handle at the bottom of the page.  I tried it, and this worked, but it would mean creating a seperate page for each of my collections with the bottom text and I'm not sure how that is going to work as far as SEO...would it be seen as duplicate content if I have that information on a page of it's own AND on the collection page?  And what if customers end up on those pages with a lot of text but no products?  I would have to make sure each of those page either linked to or redirected back to the main collection page which seems like an odd workaround that might slow down my site.  Is there any better way to do this?  I have a lot of collection pages that need different text on the bottom of each one. My old cart just had a field on the category page to enter text that would appear below the products so it never occurred to me that this would be a difficult thing to do!

I'm using New Standard theme.

Thanks in advance.

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Hey Mandysmoon2, 

It indeed requires a small workaround on Shopify:) You'll find the solution on this post: 


If you need any help setting this up, just let me know and I'll provide a quote. You can e-mail me at: michael82605 (at) gmail (dot) com. 



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Thanks...yes, I had followed that tutorial and it worked, but I'm not sure that this is how I want to do it...I'm worried that having the same text at mysite.com/pages/text and mysite.com/collections/text will be seen as duplicate content by Google.  

After playing around with it I think I may have come up with another workaround, to put the bottom text into snippets and then include the snippets on page templates that are different for each collection.  It's pretty similar to the original idea except that I don't have to create another page with another URL.  Is there any reason why I shouldn't do it this way? Will having a lot of different templates and snippets slow my site down?

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Hi, just wondering if you ever found a simple solution to add text to the bottom of a collection page?

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We are using the 'Prestige' theme for our Shopify store for quite some time now. We were planning to upgrade our current version and we came across an issue which was highlighted to us by our customers. Basically, we are using 'collection information' for better SEO but unfortunately, the font is not appearing in a proper manner and even customers cant read it on mobile. Thus, we need to put 'Collection Information' at the bottom. Can someone help us with this?

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Hi Michael,


Can you please provide me a quote?

I want to add this to all of my collections page if possible.

This is the website Mac Creations Laser Co

Please send it to info at 

geek media dot com


Hi there,

I've found a simple method to adding text before the collection page (after the product images). I've managed to do this on my Panda Necklace collection page - you can take a look. Is that what you want?

First you need to go to where your collection.liquid file is located, and then replace {{collection.description}} with the following codes:

{% assign descriptions = collection.description | split: "<!-- split -->" %}
{% assign short_desc = descriptions[0] %}
{% assign long_desc = descriptions[1] %}

 What it does is to create two separate variables - short description (short_desc) and long description (long_desc). You can put the short description above the product images within your collection page so that visitors can see what is this page about quickly. And you can put your long description under the product images. Short_desc and long_desc are just variable names: name them whatever you want.

Next, you can use the variable name short_desc to call the short description. And you need to find the space where you want your long description to display by calling it:

{{ long_desc }}

 For example, if you want it to appear immediately below the product images, you should paste the code immediately after the endfor syntax:

<div class="grid-item">
<p>{{ 'collections.general.no_matches' | t }}</p>

{% endfor %}


Finally, go to your collection page and write both of the descriptions in your WYSWIG editor but put the following within the HTML editor in where you want two descriptions to segregate:

<!-- split -->

Hope this help



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@felix119119 Thank you! What a simple tutorial.  I've done something similar on many other platforms so I knew it was possible using the native description box and a little bit of code.  This was very easy and I was able to test it out within minutes on Our Bamboo Rugs Collection. What I love is that since we're using the native editor, we'll be able to make good paragraphs, add images, links, etc without any code. Thanks again!

@leapgo  Glad that I could help Btw I've checked out your website and it looks really well-designed and professional to me - I am happy to see others can implement the same thing! The reason I did this is because put more words into the collection page helps improving SEO, but more words at the top (before the product images) will increase bounce rate, as visitors need to scroll all the way down to find our products. By separating the text, we can put more content onto the webpage but in the meantime maintain the shopping experience of our customers.

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This is exactly what I want to achieve for my site but I'm using the debut theme and there is no {{collection.description}} in my collections.liquid file. My site is: https://marblewallpaper.co.uk/collections/pink-marble-wallpaper