The infinite scroll is not working on debut theme

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Hi guys,

I was trying to setup an infinite scroll on the product listing page on the fresh debut theme that shopify comes up with default. I have followed , a good tutorial to achieve the infinite scroll.

I have included the requried jquery library and added the code as suggested but there is a jQuery error on the console while scrolling and the feature didn't worked.

The error say "TypeError: jQuery.doTimeout is not a function".

This is weired because the same is working with simple theme. I have tested the same on theme "Simple" and it is working but not on "debut" theme.

Did someone faced the same and got the fix for it?

If someone with the genius could help me figure out why it is not working with debut theme that would be great!!

Thanks, Hoping for the support from shopify experts..



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Navin, did you ever find a solution to your question? I also use the Debut theme and am trying to code for it to have the endless scrolling feature.