The swatch option is enabled but dont work

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The swatch option is enabled, but dont work.... the sku are good, but nothing change when i select a variant

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Hi, @Eliott!


Julie here from Shopify Support.


Thanks for sharing the link to your store. Taking a look at your product page, I'm not seeing any swatches. Did you remove this feature? If so, how was it originally added? Is this a built-in theme function, or did you add it using an app or custom code?


Aside from there being no swatches, I did also notice that there are no images associated with your variants. For example, when I try to select a different colour dog cushion, the image does not change. Instead, there's just one image. Have you added variant images for each variant? You should be able to confirm this by heading into Products in your Admin and selecting the Dog Cushion product. From there, if you scroll down to the Variants section, you should see each variant listed and there should be an image that corresponds with each one.


Once you've assigned each variant its own image, feel free to check out our help doc on variants to learn how to modify the way in which your theme handles variant selection. Here, you'll learn how you can hide sold out variants, how variants can be selected by simply clicking their images, and how you can show a featured image until a variant is selected. Based on the fact that you're looking for images to change when a variant is selected, this help doc should be pretty useful! However, I would recommend starting off by first adding images to each variant before proceeding with these instructions; you may find that your theme already handles variant selections the way you'd like it to. 


Another thing I've noticed about your product page is that the countdown timer is not lining up properly with the rest of your page content. For instance, this is what it looks like on my end:


When you added the countdown timer, did you edit your theme's code? Which app did you use? If you are unable to reposition the countdown widget within the app's settings, then it might be worth reaching out to the developers directly for assistance with the placement. You can find out how to get help with third-party apps here.


I hope these points help guide you in the right direction and I'm curious to know if you already have images assigned to each variant. Feel free to respond to my questions here and I'll be happy to lend some further insight. 


Looking forward to hearing from you!

Julie | Social Care @ Shopify
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