Theme Code Error: Liquid syntax error: Unknown tag 'Schema'

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I'm trying to create 2 separate templates:

1) Product Customisation (existing) : This works well.

2) Product Non-customisation (new) : Line 317 — Liquid syntax error: Unknown tag 'Schema'

LINE 317:

{% schema %}
"name": {
"da": "Produktsider",
"de": "Produktseiten",
"en": "Product pages",

May I seek help to resolve?

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Hi @happyembroidery ,

Did you've a different section file (i.e cust.liquid and non-cust.liquid)? Or are you trying to add to two {%schema%} tags in one file?

Also did you closed the tag with {%endschema%} ?

The code you provided is correct.

refer to this tutorial to learn the basics of schema/sections

Let me know if that helps. Happy coding

Cheers :))

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Yes, I did close the tag with {%endschema%}.

I wanted to create line items for certain products to allow customisation.

For my existing customised products, I apply "Product-template.liquid" with
all the specific line items for customisation. This is working fine.

However, when I try to add new products and no customisation is required,
the line items for customisation still appear. I need guidance on how to
create a new template for products without customisation.