Theme Debut Put the word SOLDOUT by the sizes?

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Hello, I need help, I have the theme Debut, I wish the word "soldout" appear next to the size in the drop down menu. I know that I can manually add the word "soldout", but how to do it automatically on sizes to zero?




Thank you so much.


Text sold out comes with price.
We have to shift price label below varient if product is sold out.
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Hi @lefteyes 

Think that you want s cant possible by just console, for that you have to deal with Js as you can find variants callback function in Asset->theme.js file.

You have to replace your variants box on each variants selection so you get related pair of variants on any selection and check qty so you can add "Sold out" text to this option.

check here:

Note: i have remove sold out option but in your case we have to put text next to option.

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