Theme Kit: Working on a duplicate theme?

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Hi everyone,


I use theme kit to develop and I have just handed over a store, but I am now looking at starting to develop the next steps for the store, but am a little unsure of the correct way to start working on the duplicated theme with theme kit.


So I have duplicated the theme in the backend of Shopify and got the new theme ID, which I have enetered in to a new config file and then downloaded the duplicate theme to my new folder. Making changes to the code only seem to effect the duplicate theme but I just wanted to check if this was the correct/best way of working?


Looking at the theme kit documentation there was something about environments in the config file but the documentation didnt seem to go very deep with this, so I wasn't sure if this was the correct path to be looking at?


Any help or advice will be greatly appriciated.



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Hi, Kindly can you guide how to  start with shopify theme kit or slate locally for build a theme from scratch i am unable to run command to install theme kindly guide where i an run this command to install theme locally and start to work on this.