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Hi everyone!


I have a question and I'm also opened to other tips beyond this issue ... I would love to refresh the look of the store and give it a more professional look.


My store provides digital files ready to be downloaded:  

The theme we used was the "Minimal". There are two very different products being sold: Single images and Packs of images.


How could we get the Packs and Images as two different products, and presented in a different way?

Because of the large number of single images being sold, they must appear rather small on the screen, which is not the best way to present the packs. I would like to have the Packs being presented with much larger presentation images. Both adapting and improving the "minimal" theme and getting another one (free or paid) can be considered.


Should we keep the Minimal and improve it? How could we do this?

Should we choose another theme? Which theme would best fit this purpose?


Thanks in advance

All the Best


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Hi Joao


I came up with an idea that could help improve your pack of images.

You can still use the Minimal theme and for your packs page instead of showing one image of many trees, you can display a fan of tree "cards" and when the user hovers over an image it will expand to show the full display. The image below will show it better.



It will look something like this on your website.


If this looks like something you'd like contact me by sending a message on my profile and we can discuss it further.




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