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Hi!  I'm just getting started.  I'm trying to find a Theme to start with and I'm having trouble finding one that works for what I want to do.  I'm looking for some suggestions.  I make pottery.  I have several product lines (my term), for example 9 in square plates.  Each product line has the same basic form, but varies by glaze and texture.  So I want to display the common attributes, but have separate text and pictures for each piece.   I looked at product variants or adding the collection descriptions to the product page.  I may have add some apps or write some code,  before I go down that road though, I want to make sure I start in the right place.  

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My advice would be to install demos of themes from the Shopify Theme Store that you think might work well and then configure them with your assets, i. e. photos, text, etc. That way you get an impression what a theme looks like with your products and content rather than the demo content you see on the theme store.

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