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Our team is trying to make use of the new product media API which was released at the beginning of the year.  We're building a Shopify app for creating product videos and this way of embedding them would suit us down to the ground. The new API seems to be working well, we don't experience any issues when adding a video and attaching it to a product, also we can see it on the product edit page in store admin panel. The problem is that when a video is uploaded we can't see it on the product page using most of the available free themes.


How can we find out which themes support the product videos? Do you plan to support this feature in free themes?

In Shopify Help Center I found this information:

The functionality to add 3D models and videos to your products is currently in beta and not available to all merchants yet. It's only available to select Plus merchants at this time.

Is it related to displaying videos added with the product media API? Or it's about something else?


Thanks in advance for any help!

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Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hi kyrniol, I'm the product manager for media at Shopify. 


Due to our API's quarterly release schedule, the APIs for media were released before the broad rollout of the feature. As a result the media card won't show up in most admin's yet, and we haven't released modified themes that support media. This quarter the feature will be released to all stores along with a set of our free themes updated to support media. We intend to support media in all our free themes as soon as possible and 3rd party themes will be updated as well.

The new liquid tags are functional and you should be able to do a basic test by adding the following to your product display page template:

{% for media in %}
  {{ media | media_tag }}
{% endfor %}

Adding production ready support for a theme will be more work, but for simple testing the above could work. Also not that the media_tag or video_tag can be passed any option that the HTML5 video tag:


{{ media | video_tag: controls: true, loop: true }}