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Hey all, is there any built in way to achieve a masonry style grid?

My current strategy is to use two columns, but when the content changes it doesn't automatically distribute content evenly between two columns.


Shopify Staff (Retired)
Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi Luke,

Mike from Support here to help you out! :)

Any themes that we have on the Theme Store that have any built-in masonry style grid support would be for product/collection pages only, or for image layouts on various pages.  There wouldn't be any masonry grid support for pages you've created (in this case, for your reviews).  

You can look at using one of the page editing apps we have in the App Store such as Page Studio or Rilo to try and set that up, I'm not sure how much (if any) functionality they have with regards to masonry style grid setup.

The other alternative would be to find and/or implement a coding solution to get this done.  It would be some higher level HTML/CSS coding that would have to be done to set up your page template correctly.  If you aren't able to implement the coding solution yourself, there's always the option of hiring one of our Experts to get the necessary code changes done for you. 

Mike C | Support Guru

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Hey Luke,

Loox - Visual Reviews supports a fully-responsive and mobile friendly masonry grid for reviews - you're welcome to check it out!