Tool to add new Dashboard features (metafields, bulk edits, time saving awesomeness)

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Thanks Jason. this is awesome help.

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Hey Jason, 

Hope this is the correct thread to post my question. 

I have downloaded both ShopifyFD and Custom fields, gone to settings/general/admin added the following values:

namespace: c_f

key: snowboard_length

Value: Centimeters


When I then go back to a product to edit the metafields I get the following errors: 

Error: setup_product_list : html not found

ShopifyFD Error: setup_products : Merafield target HTML not found

No custom fields found. For fields to appear here they must use the [v] marker

What am I missing here?


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Jason, I just found your project and this looks incredible. 

I'm looking to add MPN numbers to variants so they get published to Google and also to the eBay Channel. 

Could you point me in the right direction? I couldn't find MPN mentioned anywhere and cannot determine how to use the Metafield editor to add them to each variant.


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Hi Jason,

I was super excited to see it could be used to delete product images! Do you have a FAQ section somewhere? I must be missing a step, as I get a "ShopifyFD error: set_up products: Metafield target HTML not found". The added areas disappear and I end up having to delete the images one by one.

Best regards,



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Hey Sally - there'a a bunch of pending bug fixes to do around admin updates, so that one is also likely related. There also enough bugs now to warrant me diving in and doing a mass fix sooner rather than later.

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Can I use this to add custom links to my product pages? In short, I want to list (with an image) the other different products that a specific design can be found on (i.e. on a product page for a shirt with Design A, I want customers to see above the buy it now button links to sweater/hoodie/tank/ect. that they can also find Design A on) that they can click on and be taken to that page?

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Jason, thanks for the great tool. Would it be possible to add the new json_string value type when creating metafields?

The Metafield object has been updated with a new 'json_string' value type. This makes it easy to store arbitrary structured data within the Shopify platform and access it inside Liquid templates. Notably, when accessing the value of 'json_string' value type metafields, the data is deserialized to an iterable hash or array.