Total price doesn't change when a variant is selected, only when quantity is changed?

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We are currently working on our own shopify store that hopefully one day will sell paint. 

Exmaple product

and password is  "1234"

The issue at hand is the following, when we select another variant of this product the price on top changes but the total price on the bottom only changes when I update the quantity.
I have been going through the Javascript but I can't really figure out what exactly happens when another variant is selected.  Inspect element with an eventlistener isn't really helping me...


I am really looking to gain some knowledge on the subject and not just a solution, although this would be appreciated to

Any help would be really appreciated. 

Ps: Can't really show the code, cause I don't know were to specifically look. Will update the post if I have more info.

Yoram Swiers