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When I update inventory from CSV files that also include receiving date and incoming quantity, I have to manually enter that data in the transfer section. That may not appear as difficult but it is when you have many to enter. Is there or could there be a change made in the inventory section to automatically upload that information from CSV files?

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Hi @stephen2455 ,

Unfortunately there's no way to update receiving date and incoming quantity through CSV upload. You can find the accepted CSV columns here:

The bulk import apps in the App Store also won't be able to help with this since Shopify doesn't let app developers to read/write the incoming inventory data. 

If you have an active procurement cycle, you may consider using a supply planning app for managing purchase orders and incoming inventory.

We developed an app that let's you manage your purchases, incoming inventory and work in real time sync with your Shopify inventory. This gives you a full control over the inventory in motion.

You can try it free for 14 days and message me if you need additional trial time or have any questions :