Trying To Figure Out Button Justification/Positioning Problem Occurring In Mobile

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Good Afternoon,


When I view my homepage the button that says "Shop The Look" appears in the bottom center of the page, by the model's  stomach.

However, when I use a mobile view, the button stays centered but goes up by the model's neck, which my team does not want it to do.

When I inspect the button element I notice that there is a "justification" & "position" (in attached screenshot), what is the best way to make the button stay in the same place regardless of the view?

I have been told I may need to update a media query as it is a mobile-only issue, but design is not my strong suit.

Can anyone please advise a good way to go about fixing this problem?




- Charlie 

Screen Shot 2020-11-03 at 2.47.45 AM.png