Trying to become a Millionaire How do I improve my layout Debut theme to get sales!

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Basically: Trying to become a Millionaire (very poor at the moment)  How do I improve my layout Debut theme to get sales!


I've seen basic Debut theme stores with no customization bring in thousands of sales. 

I've also seen the snazziest of stores flop because they focused too much on design, and not enough on compelling content. I'd start by figuring out who you're targetting, what their needs and wants are and creating persuasive content around that - copy, video, social proof, user-generated content etc. Then worry about your page layout and design. Content is king in 2019. 

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Brenden is right.  Content is what people want.

In addition, getting your product in front of your clients is equally important.  Not just overall marketing, but target-marketing.

- Google Ads & Shopping
- Facebook & Instagram

If someone sees your product when they're checking their phone, they're posed with a purchase option.

Those stores that use basic templates are good examples, but what's going on behind the scenes?  I doubt they're just sitting on a beach collecting money.  Maybe they are at the beach, but they're working.

Automating your process is always key, but it takes learning.  Investing takes time -- both money & effort -- but it yields results. 

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Hi @ShaGri ,


Dani here from Shopify. Thanks for writing in. If you'd like to share your specific store then I and the other Community members will happily give you some specific advice about your store!


@BrendanPrice and @DavidStephens have shared some awesome advice. Finding your target audience is the most important step in a successful business. Do you already have an idea of who you'd like to target? If you're still looking to define this, I'd recommend listening to this episode of our podcast Shopify Masters to learn more.


It's so important to build trust with your customers. Have you added a product reviews app to your store yet? Do you have a clear refund and shipping policy on your store? Do you have a clear way for customers to contact you if they have questions? Take a look at our Essential Store Launch Checklist to ensure your store is set up to build customer trust.


In terms of design, I'd highly recommend taking a look at our free Design course, How to Design Your Online Store (with Zero Design Experience). This course is taught by a leading industry expert and will teach you how to optimize your store's design to portray a cohesive brand identity and increase conversions on your store.


Let me know if you have any further questions, I'd be happy to continue helping you!


All the best,



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Hi Dani,


I am targeting the everyday woman and man...from moms and young women who like to dress up to something for the everyday man as well. I shop alot so it comes natural..Highly impressed with the products and pricing I am able to give in my store. I already added quite a few products. 

I think  I am lacking in Engagement for sure. I am no design expert but have taught myself the ins and outs of setting up the site. 

Thank you all for your advice..I am currently suffering from the not gonna buy syndrome and I haven't even advertised my store yet!..