Trying to delete alllllll tags in drop down menu

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I am doing this myself, and as you can tell, I am not sure of the correct names for what I am doing. BUT I did take a picture :) (I even had to Google how to take a screenshot!)

I gave all of my jewelry pieces a few tags each but I still have other random tags in the drop down search bar from when I brought them all over from my Etsy shop. Where do I delete these and just have that drop down menu with the simple tags I gave them? Like, necklace, earrings, cat, pig, etc.



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Hello Tamara,

The best way to do this is select all products from admin then you can use the option "Remove Tags" by clicking on Actions button. Then remove the tags which you don't need. This will remove all the unnecessary tags which you don't need.

Hope this works.




Nitin Sharma