Trying to set up product tabs..

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Hi there,


My store has a booster theme.


I am trying to setup product tabs, such as 'product details, 'features' etc.

So far I have tried different codes but they overlap with the current tab.




I have found that in product-template.liquid there was a section with a code 


<a href="#tab-1">{{ 'products.product_tab.product_tab_1' | t }}</a>

so I decided to make tab 2 and tab 3..


<div class="product-single__description rte" itemprop="description">
          <ul class="tabs">
            <li><a href="#tab-1">{{ 'products.product_tab.product_tab_1' | t }}</a>
            <a href="#tab-2">{{ 'products.product_tab.product_tab_2' | t }}</a>
            <a href="#tab-3">{{ 'products.product_tab.product_tab_3' | t }}</a>
          <div id="tab-1">
            <div class="product-description">

all good so far as seen in the picture below.




However, how do I add information about the product in sections 'delivery time' and 'size chart', since I can add only information about 'product details' in the product page?


Where are those parts stored, in which file, so I can rename them?


I couldn't find anything that booster theme has built in.. but once I made tab2 and tab3 it recognized them.. so that means it is somewhere stored within the theme.


I also discovered other shops that the description is displayed in the middle of the page.. which I really like, how I can do that?


as seen in the images below







Otherwise, if this is not possible then would you just suggest to get an app?


Hope it made sense,




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Hi, @jordanjames 

Elle here from Shopify.

I've moved your post over to our Design board as it's better suited here.


Also, if you're interested in apps for product tabs, you can check them out here in our Shopify App Store.



Elle | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Thank you!


That is really kind of you.


However, I will use apps only as of the last option.


I know it is a simple fix, just don't have experience on this. 


Does anyone is willing to freelance this?

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but still when I add those tabs, all of them are open, I would like to have them closed..