Turbo Dubai update search bar results size

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Hi All, 

We just did an update on our store

Theme: Turbo

Current version: 6.0.5

The one thing I can't seem to figure out is the search results now stays the size of the bar where before it would open larger. All items are squashed where item name and price used to be below the image, please see the image to follow.

Has anyone come across this at all?


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Hi @Wayne4 ,

Please share your store URL so I can take a closer look at the issue. Also, it would be best if you share the screenshot of the previous result so I have the idea of how exactly you want it. Thanks

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Hi @

Thank you for taking the time.

This is the link to the current live store where you can see the size the search should be www.essentiallynatural.co.zq and this is a link to the updated store not live yet https://mrw32t8lk2yrgjld-8131117152.shopifypreview.com

Please let me know if you need anything else.

Kind regards,