Two cost per item fields

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My store will have two providers for each variant: An artist that makes an artwork to sell prints that will receive a royalty payment and the other one will be a dropshipping service.

Could it be possible to have two Cost per Item fields in each variant? The idea would have then to get a csv report with both fields separately.

I am using Debut theme.

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-no, that feature is not in shopify yet.  but you can look for some Shopify App wich is providing this facility.
- I think there would be some app, not sure.


if satisfied with answer then like and accept solution.


Thank you


Hey Antonio,


To add a second "Cost per item" field to each variant, you'd probably need to use Metafields in this case.


You can add custom metafields to your variants using an app like Accentuate or Metafields Manager.  However, to export these metafields along with the rest of your product/variant data to CSV, you may need another app to do so (such as our EZ Exporter app).

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