Two "gift wrapping options" (please help??)

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Seeking help setting up yet another "gift wrapping" option. Have set up / installed one checkout box (gift wrapping option) myself, which you can check in the checkout page - and where the associated product is added to the basket. 

Unfortunately I have not had much luck in being able to add another option (two gift wrapping options at the same time), where they both work optimally, although I have changed both name and liquid codes to "gift-wrapping2". Right now I have an option in checkout called "Add exclusive jewelry box for DKK 10.00" and want another second option above which is called "Add sustainable gift wrapping for DKK 10.00"

Is this please something you guys can help with, or is it not possible to have two working "gift wrapping options" at the same time? Have the link to my website but it is not live yet so you can use the code "chahpo".

Fingers crossed that this is something you can help with!
Best regards, Stine - website: