**URGENT** Brooklyn theme - How to show retail price and new sale price on collections page???

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Need some urgent help, how do you show a line through retail price and new red sale price on the collections page similar to how you can arrange on the products page?

Can someone please help???



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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi Kestin,

Britton here with the Shopify support team.

In order to add on a sale prce like the product pages have you would need to edit the product-grid-item.liquid snippet in your theme files. The two lines to focus on here are line 55 and line 61. For line 55, replace the starting code with this:

{{ product.price_min | money_without_trailing_zeros }} <span id="ComparePrice" class="product-single__price--compare-at"> {{ product.compare_at_price_min | money_without_trailing_zeros }} </span>

and line 61 with this:

{{ product.price | money_without_trailing_zeros }} <span id="ComparePrice" class="product-single__price--compare-at"> {{ product.compare_at_price | money_without_trailing_zeros }} </span>

That should sort it out! Just make sure to back up your theme by duplicating it before making any code changes. I've also moved this topic over to the design forum as I think you'll get more advice there as well :)

I hope that helps!


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Hi Britton,


Thank you for your help, really appreciate it! Although, is there anyway to make the retail price show first and the sale price second both the same size and the sale price in red? Exactly how it is in the product item page?



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That didn't work for me properly, it added a new regular price and compared at price. So now for all items I have a compared price and 2 sale prices. The products that dont have a sale price show a compared price of 0. Im guessing the theme update has changed where these codes are meant to go? 

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Just wanted to let you know i checked your store and it looks good to me. sorry I dont have the solution of your problem.

Just a quick suggestion I would use a store locator app to make it more attractive on contact page since you have multiple store locator. every little matters. try this out it would look good on your store pretty simple and easy to use



- Thanks!
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In product-grid-item.liquid file add the elsif condition


{% if product.price_varies %}
            {{ product.price_min | money_without_trailing_zeros }}
            <span class="icon-fallback-text">
              <span class="icon icon-plus grid-product__price-min" aria-hidden="true"></span>
              <span class="fallback-text">+</span>

add the below code


          {% elsif product.compare_at_price> product.price %}
          <span class="product-single__price on-sale">
          <span id="ComparePrice" class="product-single__price--compare-at">
                    {{ product.compare_at_price | money_without_trailing_zeros }}
			 {{ product.price | money_without_trailing_zeros }}


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