URGENT - Issue on variant add to cart process

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I have this ecommerce https://minimalistashop.com.br
And I am having a problem: when I add any product to cart, Whatever variant I choose, just the first available variant is added to cart.

The problem is aleatory, doesn't happen everytime, but it happens very often.

I tryed other themes and the same error happen.

And I uninstalled the apps, the erros still appear.

I don't know where to search more.

Does someone knows how to fix it?

Thank you!!

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the problem is that your site is not being rendered enough quickly to run the scripts for variants, it stuck on loading scripts from apps or some other JS and during this period if customer add product into the cart, it will add only the first variant.

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Hi @sarhov ! Thank you! I imaginated something like this, but I don't really understand about the code. Can you htell me how me to fix it?