Unable to retrieve user uploaded image

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I have added the following the my theme (free to use theme)

{% form 'product', product, class:form_classes, novalidate: 'novalidate', data-product-form: '', enctype: 'multipart/form-data' %}
            <div class="product-form__controls-group">
              <div class="upload-btn-wrapper">
                <input name="properties[Uploaded image]" id="upload-input" type="file" accept="image/*" />
                <button id="upload-btn" class="btn">Upload a file</button>
              <div class="image-preview-wrapper">
                <img id='upload-preview'>
..... rest of the default items

And have also added a console.log() to the Theme.js file to see what data is being sent to the 'cart/add.js' and I get this:


Nothing there says anything about the properties that I have added, is there an obvious mistake I have made? been looking and amending for a while and nothing seems to be fixing this.



Turns out, if you just set Ajax to false, it works, NVM!


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ok so is working now or still any problem?

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Thank you for the reply, I believe it is working now.


I initially got a lil confused as the add to cart was not working but the buy now button did work in the way to saw the properties input but didn't work in that the image was not uploaded.


I think I have got to a point that it works (after a few hours of trial and error), thank you