Unable to show "civic number" warning

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I noticed that unfortunately there are some customer that do forget to input the house number in their delivery address.

Reading the forum i found out that there is not a way to have a specific input field show for the civic number. Any check on the correctness of the address in input needs to be made after the customer placed the order and in most cases the customers will not reply in time.

Anyways i was able to find a topic talking about a warning that should appear under the address. I found the setting for this feature to be able to customise it.

Unfortunately the feature does not seem to work in practice.


I took a look at the generated code of the checkout page and the message is in fact present but it is visually hidden.

As far as i know the problem should not be in the theme or in any addon as we have not the privilages to change checkout structure (basic shopify)

Furthermore i even tested the feature on a virgin website with no addon and still the message is not shown.

Could you help me understand how to make it work? Is there by any chance something that needs to be "enabled"?

The page was tested on:

- multiple browser: chrome, edge, firefox

- using different countries for delivery

- the "autocomplete address" option was enabled (if that makes any difference)


Please find the attached images showing on the first image, the checkout in the current state, and in the following image the same page with the warning "unmasked" through simple page code editing (by just removing the hidden parameter)

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide

Current, no warningCurrent, no warningWith warningWith warning