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Hey Shopify! I am currently designing a store for my client. The project is a redesign. It is all in one backend. His old store is still live and selling. With that, there seems to be a problem. I can not create or design new product pages, for example, without it changing what is on the store that is currently live and selling. The new design is going to look very different from the current store. The issue is, he wants the current store to stay the way that it is.

I even went ahead and duplicated the products so that there can be a unique feed for the store that is currently under construction; nevertheless, when I try to link the duplicated products to the store I am currently designing, the only product options that show are those that are on the live and selling store. That's a problem because I can not uniquely construct the new product pages without it reflecting on the live & selling store.

Help please??