Update Delivery Time when Variant is selected

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Hello Everyone,


I launched a website for my company less than a year ago and, thanks to Shopify and its community, everything has been going great. I must say though that I don't have much skills when it comes to programming so, please, make it simple in your replies so I can get it.


Basically, we sell products which can tell several months to be shipped if we don't have the model in stock. So we absolutely need to display the delivery time depending on the inventory quantity of the variant on our product page.


We use the Debut Theme

We tried to do it using this code below in product-template.liquid:


We first thought that everything was going fine but it wasn't. The text we want to display actually do not update when the customer select another variant, and this is a big problem for us as some people think they'll have to have 5 months when they could have the product next week and vice versa( (which is much worse).

Yet, it actually update when you refresh the page manually ! We just need a way to refresh it when the customer select a new variant.


Here is an example of one product that has two variants, one in inventory only so you can see our problem better : https://fonteneau-accordeons.fr/products/mengascini-celty?variant=8697544966201


Don't forget that I know only the basics of programming so please make it simple to understand.


Thank you all in advance for your replies !

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Hello Everyone !


After some research I finally found something that works perfectly by combining two different posts from the community so I share them with you here, hoping this will help other like it helped me !


The first one explains quite clearly how to add an inventory tracking on the product page in an easy way :



Though it isn't working anymore because the variant.inventory_quantity has been deprecated but there is an alternative explained in this post :



Thanks everyone for reading, I hope this would help other people like it helped us !

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