Update theme and having to redo any customization that was done prior

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Hello.  I am new to Shopify and building out my store right now using the Maker theme with Troop.  As I started building the site, I realized there were things that I needed changed, so they did some tweaks for me.  I also hired Storestasker to do some that Troop could not do.  I recently was on the phone with a Shopify expert and we both agreed that the price for the products was on the bottom left and small font.  Made it look like I was hiding the price.  So when I contacted them to see if I could move the price, they told me I could update the theme and that would move the price, for it was part of the update. BUT, he then told me that any custom changes would have to be REDONE!  I don't know how to code which is why I chose this user friendly site.  But now learning this is getting me frustrated.  Every time there is an update I have to pay??  The recent guy just quoted me over $1,000 to update and redo the changes.  

I found a post from 2019 that someone else had the same experience but came from WordPress before and it was an easy and smooth process on WP.  Is anyone else experiencing this?  Or have any suggestions on a coder who can do this quickly and reasonably priced?  Thank you.  Feeling a bit frustrated and I have not even opened my shop yet.  Thank you.