Updated theme, but content is loading incorrctly

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I published a new theme, and everything is smooth when I view it and load it in a browser. But, when I share a link to the home page via Facebook or Instagram, it shows the outdated content and photos from the old theme. Also, when I look on my computer, there is a pop up in the bottom right corner with buttons like Preview, which implies the theme is not published, but I double checked, and it is. Is there an extra step I need to do to update it?
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Hey @ampfrances,


The outdated content on Facebook is most likely a cached version of your old theme. To refresh this cache, paste the URL into the debugger on this page and it should wipe the cache and load your new content: 



For the Preview notice, that can hang around even after you've published the theme you had previewed. There should be a "Close Preview" button/link on that bar. Click that and you'll no longer be in preview mode.