Updating Brooklyn Theme

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Hello everyone,

Had a few questions for a theme that I'm updating. The theme is currently unpublished as I have people visiting my site often and it's not entirely ready to be published yet. Please let me know if you need it published in order to help with the issues. So for the Brooklyn theme, I've changed the footer color, however the copyright date is really dark. I'd like to change it to something lighter so it's more visible.


Second, I've been following quite a bit of advice from various related questions I've had on this forum, so I decided to update my shopping cart icon with an icon I customized, however, though it looks fine on desktop, it's not appearing on mobile.


Last, I'm not entirely sure why but there's spacing above the title and underneath the footer on all pages of the site now. Not sure if something went wrong with the coding or what but hoping I can get a little help with it. Thanks!




My website is: https://poisonjam.co/