Upload an Image to files section then replace it but keep the same Image URL

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So basically I want to upload an image to shopify.

It will appear in the files section thats fine.

What if I want to update that image to something else but keep the same URL.

So basically I want to upload an image then replace it with a different image but keep the same URL?

Is that possible?

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Hi, Ryan!

Patrick, a Shopify Guru here :).

At the moment, it’s not possible to swap out the URLs for the file section. What are you looking to achieve by swapping out the URLs inside the files section? Maybe I can help with a workaround?

Hope to hear from you soon

Patrick :)

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I'm looking to accomplish something similar. I have .pdf files in the site that need to be updated. These files are linked throughout text within the site. If a new file is uploaded, and the file names changes, is there an efficient way to find each instance of the first version and replace the url?

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This needs to be added to shopify its a basis feature that is missing.

I am trying to upload a picture and then I directly link to that URL.

If I then wish to update that link I cannot so I would have to manually change 100s of links such as in the html description it must point to the link.

Is this going to be added basically an image replacement application maybe?

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I need to do this too. I would like to switch out my "Shop" button with a different image, and it is found on a lot of my pages and blog posts. 


Please help.

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The shopify uploaded file URL syntax is 

https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/<your unique account subfolders>/files/FILENAME.EXT?<some trailing numbers>

In my case, for example...


As long as you delete the file and re-upload it with the same file name (FILENAME.EXT above), the URL link will remain same. Just remember to ignore all the trailing numbers at the end of your file name.  So, use just https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0777/3125/files/FILENAME.EXT to refer this file on the site (pages, templates etc.) or even outside (pdf link in email e.g.)

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Update to this, I did a test of a GIF file using this method (dropping the ?##### at the end of the URL) and it wouldn't load the updated/latest version. Was planning on using for email signatures pull through for company wide but will have to look at an alternate solution now.

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Hi -

Can you try to explain in another way? I am not entirely sure.

Thank you VERY much!





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I wrote a feature request asking for an easier way to replace images in Shopify. Please go vote it up if you're still having this problem