Uploading Full Width Video Without Padding

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Hello all, 

In the last one week I've read many posts (most of they were old and closed), about uploading a video on my website. This is my first time posting on a Shopify discussion forum because I know that the Shopify guru who will email in reply to my issue will not be solved without knowing coding. I desperately need your help. 


I am trying to upload a video to my website and I have spent hours trying to fix a few things.

1. How do I add a video below (for instance) the Handwoven Cashmere page UNDER Collection of scarves ? Here it is - https://www.gartika.com/collections/pure-handwoven-cashmere-scarf

I want the video to appear below my scarves because it a making of your scarf video. When I upload, it shows up right after the page description on top. I'm adding it on the Collection page under Handwoven Cashmere.

2. I am having zero luck trying to upload a video which I uploaded on Vimeo first as you advice (Youtube or Vimeo), without a giant black padding that appears on top and bottom of the video. On Vimeo, there is NO padding. I've spent 7 hours on different days doing this and I'm frustrated to the core.

3. How do I upload the video on the homepage ?

The first video is available here -https://youtu.be/uQK07LLzFbI

I first uploaded it on Vimeo and then YouTube and did a lot of copy pasting codes, step by step video tutorials but there is no answer to my problem. 

Any help will be big help. Also I'm typing this on my phone and just realized how terrible this discussion interface is on mobile so I apologize in advance for typos. 





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Hi Radhika, I'm Felix

I've read your post. I'm looking for a way to display the youtube video FULL Width on my Debut home page.

I just checked your website, I can see you did it!! Would you please explain me how you did that?

Thank you very much in advance,

ps: scarfs are beautiful and look very soft! All the best ;)