Use product object from section's schema

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I was using the liquid object "product".
I was allowing my client to choose a product from the Customize interface then in the liquid code of the section I was using it like "section.settings.product.title".
Since last week the behaviour have been changed. Now, "product" only gives me its handle (I can no longer recover the title). It was problematic for the shop usage, I can't use "all_products" because "all_products" has limited usage and I can't find any update note from Shopify.
Do I miss an update annoucement platform ?

I don't need help for the problem, I changed the code to set a manual collection instead of a product and I get the first item of this collection. I just need to know how I can prevent the stress it generated by knowing the change before it happens.

I'm pretty sure of this change, last week it was working, this week it does not and the code has not been changed.

Thank you for the help,