Using Minimal wanting Shirt Colors from below to match Form, plus Size to respond better

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I've been looking to have this happen for awhile.  I am currently using the Minimum Theme, would be wiling to switch if there is a Theme that exists that does this already.  I've looked at a few, but I don't see them doing what is needed in this case, although, I could of missed something.  LOL.  


I have a range of shirts that vary in color front and back for each color.  Would like to have them represented in the form, when selected below so that one can easily get what was chosen below to match what is in the form.  Would also like to have the Size show with a dim color when it's not part of the selection.  


Here is an image done as well as I can to show what is desired:'




Anyone able to help do this.  I used to be able to do it, but have had some issues, so not able to do the focus anymore.  Thank you for any help you can provide.



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Hi @nicklee 

For image changing base on variants selection you can try to assign image on each variants from admin, if you have theme code then it will auto change and for gray out sold out variants you have to hire some one if you dont now Js and liquid code. 

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I got your message on this. I am realizing I should go through Shopify Support and get this handled. Thank you for this though. After all this time I’m still learning how to operate on Shopify! Even after I get something, it can get dropped from my mind again! I guess through support I can get what I need handled, or a better explanation of what is needed!