Using Product Badges to Boost Conversions and Sales

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Have you ever considered to add product labels (badges) to the products on your Shopify store?

If not, the products on your website are failing to make an appeal despite quality and reasonable pricing. According to a research by Monetate, using product stickers strategically on your eCommerce store can boost conversions rates by 55%.

Read on to learn about various types of product labels in this article that you can add to different items on your gallery to increase sales quickly. You will also get to know how to use product badges on your Shopify store to motivate the buyers to order more items.

What are Product Labels?

Also called product stickers or product badges, product labels are small but identifiable ‘virtual stickers’ storeowners add to certain goods to highlight specific information about the item to attract the consumers’ attention.

Why Product Labels are Important for eCommerce Sales?

There are multiple ways the product labels can help in influencing the buyers’ purchase decision. Herein are some of the prime reasons to add them to your products:

Help the customers to find the desired products quickly

Educate the visitors about certain qualities of the product

Increases reliability of the product

Motivate the buyers to purchase the item

Apart from offering information, these product stickers produce psychological triggers in the minds of the customer to act quickly such as paucity, popularity, reliability, restraint, and so on.

For instance, products bearing the ‘New Arrival’ sticker instantly produces a trigger in regular customers looking for fresh stocks at the store. The ‘Bestseller’ badge influences the buyers who are particular about popular items at the store to be absolutely sure. Similarly, there in an urge to place an order quickly when we see a low stock alert with a sticker like ‘only 2 left’.






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I really dig the copy and graphics you have on your app listing!

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I tested on the 11/11 promotion. The result is a 30% increase in sales

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It seems that labeling a discount on a product will attract customers, they will decide to click on the buy button faster.

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I will try it for Christmas this year


Product labels & badges work as subtle nudges on the shopper to take the desired action which leads them to buy the product and hence results in a higher conversion rate.  Just like site-wide banners, product labels have already proven their worth by bringing the shopper’s attention to a specific item.

Product Badges helps in the following ways:-

  • Helps capture short attention spans
  • Gives immediate context on what you’re promoting
  • Nudges shoppers to make a purchase decision faster
  • Highlights what products are on sale/ discount
  • Helps you cross-sell smartly with recommendations
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